Single Girder Overhead Crane Supplier Sydney

Dedicated to offering high-quality products suitable for various industries, Cranetec is a leading single girder crane supplier in cities like Sydney and Melbourne. We manufacture, supply, and install different overhead cranes ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. So, no matter what your business’ lifting demands are, we can cater to them all.

What Is a Single Girder Overhead Crane?

As its name suggests, a single girder overhead crane features a bridge with one girder beam supported by an end truck on each side. These cranes, in most cases, have an electric hoist that travels on the main girder’s lower flange. Moreover, these cranes travel on rail tracks fixed on the floor.

Single girder overhead cranes are ideal for light applications for handling ordinary materials in workshops, factories, station logistics sites, warehouses, open yards, and docks.



Customised design of this single-girder bridge crane transforms the low warehouse into a fully functional production hall. It allows optimal utilisation of the available space.


A single-girder bridge crane plays a crucial role in the maintenance operations of a lock. It facilitates the opening and closing of cofferdam locks with precision and efficiency.


Single girder cranes guarantee seamless material flow throughout the production process. With high-quality components, these cranes optimise efficiency and productivity, showcasing their indispensable role in facilitating smooth operations within manufacturing facilities.


Advantages of Single Girder Overhead Cranes

Single girder overhead cranes feature a simple trolley design that ensures reduced freight costs, making them an inexpensive option. Also, these cranes are easy to install and don’t demand too much setup time. The maintenance and service of these cranes are affordable, too, so these cranes are considered an economical option compared to other cranes. Moreover, since these cranes have a lower deadweight, they load less on the foundation’s building structure.

Cranetec – A Name You Can Trust

We manufacture single-girder overhead cranes that offer exceptional reliability at competitive prices. Since we have been in this business for almost three decades, we know what it takes to design and build versatile overhead cranes that cater to the needs of various industries.

Thanks to our high-quality cranes, we have become a renowned name in the industry. Our clients trust us for the following:


  • Our commitment to efficiency – At Cranetec, we focus on designing and manufacturing high-quality cranes and hoists that deliver exceptional performance.
  • Our certified and trained technicians – We have a team of in-house technicians who take care of servicing and maintaining all types of cranes.
  • Our broad range of services – You can count on us for manufacturing, installing, and servicing your lifting solutions at competitive prices.
  • Our 24-hour support – A breakdown of your lifting system can halt your processes and affect your business. Our team is available 24/7 to help fix issues with your cranes and hoists.
  • Our extensive experience in the field – We have been in this industry for about 20 years, which makes us an expert in the lifting solution industry.
  • Our adherence to Australian Standards – All our products adhere to Australian Standards, so you know you are investing in safe and efficient cranes and hoists for your business.
  • Our personalised approach to client requirements – We customise our lifting solutions based on your business requirements.


Single Girder Overhead Crane Price

Single girder overhead crane price can vary significantly based on several factors. These factors include the lifting capacity, span length, hoisting height, brand, customisation options, and additional features required.


Generally, prices for standard single girder overhead cranes can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. You can consult us for an accurate quote. We will discuss your specific requirements and provide a customised pricing estimate.

Choosing the Right Overhead Crane for your Business

When choosing an overhead crane for your business, it is essential to understand the requirements of your system. Cranetec will in consultation with yourself work out the best crane system that works well in your particular environment and with your facility’s structural capabilities.


Single girder overhead cranes are built to travel on a runway system of an existing building or cranetec engineer a free standing runway system to you requirements. At Cranetec, we offer the proper lifting solutions based on your expectations and our assessment of your facility’s capabilities. In addition, our team makes efforts to evaluate your system’s needs and analyse weight requirements to recommend the most suitable crane system for your business.

Quality Products & Professional Service

The team at Cranetec believes in offering clients the best lifting products and services. With a group of talented technicians, modern facilities and equipment, and experience of about three decades, we can design, build, and supply single girder cranes that meet all requirements of your business. At no point do we compromise on safety or quality of our products and services, which helps us build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We manufacture and supply jib cranesportal cranespermanent magnetsdouble girder overhead cranes and other items in the Sydney and Melbourne areas in addition to Single Girder Overhead Crane.

Call Us to Know More About Our Lifting Solutions

If you are looking for a trustworthy single girder crane supplier in Melbourne, please get in touch with us. Connect with us to discuss your lifting needs, and we promise to recommend the most suitable product for your facility. You may also call us to get your cranes or hoists serviced by our team of experts.

A single-girder bridge crane plays a crucial role in the maintenance operations of a lock. It facilitates the opening and closing of cofferdam locks with precision and efficiency.


Frequently Asked Questions

A single girder crane consists of a single beam supported by end carriages . The trolley of this crane is mostly underhung and moves along the lower flange of the bridge girder. By using this type of crane, you can achieve maximum facility coverage and a faster setup time.
Single girder cranes are affordable load-lifting solutions, ideal for various industries. Since the cost of these crane systems may vary depending on their weight-bearing capacity and size, it is difficult to state the exact cost. To know about the prices of a single girder crane, discuss your requirements with our team, and we can offer a quote.

As their name suggests, single-girder cranes have a single girder, whereas double girder has two. In a single girder crane, an electric hoist moves on the lower flange of the main girder. However, in the case of a double girder crane, A double girder crane give a better lifting height and load carry capacity than a single girder crane.