When it comes to completing 10 and 25 year service and inspections, our technicians will first calculate whether a crane is actually due for a major service or if the crane may have an extended life. We will also assess whether it is more economical to proceed with a major service or if there is a more cost effective solution.

At Cranetec, we manage the completion of all aspects of the major service stage by only completing what is required for reliability, safety and compliance, while creating an economical outcome in Sydney & Melbourne.


Australian Standards Compliance

Since 2002, the following Australian Standards for cranes, hoists & winches been implemented:

> AS2550.1-2002 Cranes, Hoists & Winches – Safe Use Part 1: General Requirements
> AS2550.3-2002 Cranes, Hoists & Winches – Safe Use Part 3: Bridge, Gantry, Portal Cranes
> AS1418.1-2002 Cranes, Hoists & Winches Part 1: General Requirements

In regards to maintenance, AS2550.3-2002, Section 7 – Maintenance Inspection & Repairs, a couple of critical changes are:

> Clause 7.2.2 Routine Maintenance Service shall not exceed three (3) monthly intervals
> Clause 7.3.2 Pre-operational Visual Inspection shall be carried out at the commencement of each working shift & a log book completed.

We can help you with all aspects of meeting compliance requirements.


To ensure you get the longest working life possible out of your crane; & to lessen your liability in the event of your crane being involved in an accident, regular inspections & servicing is a must for any commercial operation.

Cranetec can perform inspections, identify & effect repairs & ensure that you are in compliance with all relevant laws & regulations.

• Australian Standards AS2550.1 and AS2550.3–2002
In-depth inspections are to be carried out at 10-year and 25-year intervals during the working life of the overhead crane.

• Major Inspection of Mechanical Components for Assessment for Continued Safe Operation – Section 7.3.4 & 7.4.1
This assessment should be carried out at 10-year intervals for the mechanical components.

• Re-certification for Continued Safe Operation – Section 7.4.1
This assessment should be carried out at 25-year intervals or where the crane has been subjected to an overload greater than 10% of rated capacity for either or both structure & hoist.