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Need a quality monorail or any other crane system for optimal and accurate load handling? As a renowned supplier of monorail crane and other crane systems Australia wide, Cranetec design, manufacture and install overhead cranes, jib cranes, portal cranes and different kinds of steel alloy light crane systems prioritising various industrial applications.

We help industries find the best system to make lifting more effortless and more efficient than ever before. Enjoy the freedom of moving and lifting goods to exactly where you want them through our flexible solutions. The lightweight systems with steel or aluminium profiles match the everyday need of your facilities.

You can mount them up in the ceiling or on floor pillars. We have solutions for all your needs and conditions. With us, you will not have to worry about the construction of your facilities; we will custom build a crane system that is ideal for your circumstances.

Customised Cranes To Suit Your Facilities

We customise our cranes to streamline your operations and business needs. By providing a solution to your individual business needs, we design and produce a lifting system that will facilitate material handling and increase productivity, accelerating a healthy work environment. Our cranes are known for their reliable features and durability and guarantee the smooth running of your operations for decades. The profiles and components of our modular systems are combined to create individual cranes, monorails, pillar, and wall-mounted crane solutions.

Thanks to the system’s high flexibility, it allows us to integrate installation easily into any production infrastructure. Order our product today and experience the difference. Visit our product pages to get insight into performance details and benefits.

Why Choose Our Monorail Crane Systems

Our lightweight aluminium crane systems provide an ideal option for full workstation coverage. Made of high-quality steel alloy, our easy-to-handle monorails are popular for their strong high tensile strength and easy to install features. It reduces your time and cost of installation and maintenance. All our products are tested to Australian crane code standard and safe to use.

If you need a hoist that can aid to travel along a linear or non-linear path, then a monorail crane system is an ideal unit for you. Ranging from the capacity of up to 2000 kg, our wide variety of monorail systems are typically custom-designed for specific industrial application.

Our monorails are available with both manual and a motorised trolley. You can avail of the hoist unit in standard or close-coupled configuration depending on your industrial requirements. We are your Sydney-based crane supplier having a wide selection of industry-leading cranes for sale at incredibly competitive prices.

Moreover, our cranes are available with an anodising coating that provides excellent corrosion resistance capacity and increases durability. We provide a safe, easy, and smart way to improve material handling and offer practical lifting solutions.


Apart from monorails, we also manufacture & supply overhead cranes, jib crane, permanent magnet, radio control system and more in Sydney, Melbourne and other areas of Australia.

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For detailed information on our products and installation services, contact us today on 1800 703 470. You can also use our contact form to reach us online. We will help you with advice and detailed information. We are industry-trained, certified professionals known for providing 24-hour customer support services. Our broad range of products and services comply with Australian standards and are safe to use.