Whether you are faced with a tight deadline or an emergency situation, Cranetec is ready to accommodate to your crane needs with a quick response. Our staff is on call serving 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. If you’ve got a crane emergency, our team is always on standby with our fleet of service vehicles. Our priority is to keep our customers running in production.


The use of planned maintenance is important in keeping your equipment operable. At Cranetec, we pride ourselves on being committed to service and maintenance ensuring cranes and lifting equipment can perform over the long run. The information received from the inspections will allow us to schedule the necessary repairs before a breakdown occurs. This will prevent downtime caused by the lead-time in ordering parts. Cranetec as do the major hoist manufacturers try to stock the most common wear items. Due to the fact many of the hoists are custom designed to each customer it is impossible to stock all the parts. Therefore finding a potential problem before it causes down time, gives us the ability to acquire the needed parts and schedule downtime when it is least disruptive to your production schedule. We provide a fully detailed service inspection sheet on completion of your regular services.