Crane Repairs In Sydney

Are you searching for experts to repair your crane or hoist breakdown issues? Do you want high-quality crane repairs in Sydney & Melbourne to restore your plant operations?


Welcome to Cranetec – the trusted name for crane and lifting system manufacturing, supply, repair, and maintenance services in Sydney, Melbourne and other major cities of Australia.


We have teams of experienced technicians to give you 24/7 repair and maintenance services based on the complexity of the issues of the industries. Additionally, we manufacture, stock, and supply high performing crane spare parts and accessories that allow you to count on us for all your lifting system needs.


With nearly two decades of service, we have expertise in restoring all types of cranes, hoists, and other industrial lifting systems. Whether you want an emergency repair or planned maintenance, contact us to get a seamless, expert service according to your hours and convenience.

Our Range Of Crane Services

To give you heads-up, we offer the following types of lifting system services to our customers:
Do you want any specific services or guidance and can’t decide on the type of service? Contact our technicians today. We are happy to listen to you, provide you with expert information and guidance, and help you choose the right service.

Expert Crane Repair Technicians in Sydney & Melbourne

All our crane technicians are certified and extensively trained to provide expert repair and crane restoration services. Our teams of crane and hoist technicians are fully equipped and ready for our customers’ call to respond to their needs.

Not only just with the repair and maintenance, but they will also provide you with the tips and tricks to operate your lifting systems efficiently to get lasting, consistent performance. They will ensure that your cranes are working safely, reliably according to Australian standards.

The Right Infrastructure

We have fully equipped service vehicles, personal protection equipment, the latest technology, and spare parts to give you quick service. This helps us restore your crane or hoist at your facility through a comprehensive repair service, regardless of the complexity of the issue.


We also have a vast “knowledge bank” of various cranes and lifting systems available to different industries. No matter your crane has an electrical issue or mechanical problem, our infrastructure and expertise give you fully qualified repair services in Sydney, Melbourne & other areas of Australia.

Get Quick Crane Repair And Maintenance Today

Experience prompt and efficient crane repair and maintenance services in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Contact us at 1800 703 470 or simply fill out our convenient contact form to discuss your crane’s issues with our expert team. Trust Cranetec for reliable solutions tailored to your needs.