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Welcome to Cranetec for high-performance lifting solutions with complete service. With a reputation as the leading crane manufacturer, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge overhead solutions.


At Cranetec, we proudly manufacture and supply an exceptional range of overhead cranes in Sydney, Melbourne, and other prominent cities across Australia. Our lifting solutions are tailored to various industries’ specific needs and help optimise processes. Cranetec stands out as Australia’s expert in overhead gantry crane manufacturing.


With nearly two decades of crane and lifting systems, we know the requirements of various industries and provide solutions that deliver performance, versatility, safety, and durability. We bring the latest lifting technologies to improve operations and streamline the production of various industry settings.

We offer our customers two types of overhead cranes: single girder cranes and double girder cranes.

Explore Our Diverse Selection of Overhead Crane Systems

Single Girder Overhead Cranes

Our range of single girder is an excellent choice if you prefer a simplified design and want to include it in your limited production space. Ideal for industrial plants and warehouses, these cranes can carry loads up to 25 tonnes with a height of up to 30 meters. These cranes have a design of single bridge bream, a trolley hoist, and two end trucks. The hoist trolley moves on the lower flange of the beam.

You can choose the girder crane with either rolled section girder, welded box girder, or side-mounted trolley. If you are searching for a high-quality overhead crane service provider, our range of single girders can be the most efficient, affordable, and versatile option for you. Also, the installation of the crane is simpler compared to double girder cranes.

Double Girder Overhead Cranes

As the name suggests, these cranes have a configuration of two girders, a trolley hoist, and two end trucks. We offer double girder overhead cranes to production plants and warehouses that usually want to lift more than 10 tonnes. We have a range of double girder cranes with a load capacity of up to 80 tonnes and span up to 36 meters.


If you have heavy lifting needs, our double girder cranes can be an ideal choice for your space. They also deliver continuous operation and high speeds, exceptionally fitting the needs of the high traffic workspace. You can choose cranes with rolled section girders or welded box girders based on your operational requirements.

Importantly, the trolley hoists are mounted on top of the bridge girders, and they travel on top of rails to move the goods. These cranes also feature side platforms along the girders for hassle-free maintenance. Our technicians can quickly install the crane in your space and ensure it fits your workflow. If searching for an overhead crane for sale? Look no further than Cranetec.

Build For Heavy, High-Traffic Lifting Needs

Our girder cranes are designed for the heavy, high-traffic lifting needs of industries. All our cranes are made from high tensile alloy steel with aluminium sections to give consistent, long-lasting results. Therefore, regardless of the type of products you transport and the atmospheric humidity, these girder cranes are corrosion resistant and give you lasting results.

If you want the crane for lightweight application, we go for aluminium manufacturing by keeping total portability in mind. On the other hand, girder cranes – fully built on steel – can give higher load rated capacity. Additionally, all these lifting solutions have high-quality electrical and mechanical components to provide a seamless performance.

Customised To Your Overhead Cranes Needs

We manufacture the overhead cranes after understanding the specific needs of the customers. What is the area you want to cover with the crane? What are your choices when it comes to the load capacity and crane span? We will also consider the operational frequency you want to make the lifting solution most tailored to you.


In most cases, our team of experts will visit your site to learn about your space plan and workflow to choose the right design for the crane. You also have the option to choose either free-standing or building-attached runways for your crane system. We are open to the customisation needs of our customers and search for ways to serve them better.


Do you have specific requirements when it comes to choosing overhead cranes for your space? Consult with our team of experts today. As a trusted overhead crane manufacturer in Australia, we are excited to guide you to the right lifting solution for your space.

A Complete Service Experience

We give a complete service to the industries and commercial spaces of Australia. From the moment you contact us, we will give you a guided approach by providing all our overhead crane options that can fit your needs. If overhead cranes can’t be your choice considering the operational requirements, we will provide you with other lifting solutions that can fit your space.

After manufacturing, our team of experts will bring the crane to your space and complete the installation after considering your process flow and workplace safety. You can also get our regular maintenance services to ensure the seamless operations of your plant or warehouse.

24-Hour Breakdown And Repair Service

At times, you may want a breakdown and repair service for your lifting solutions. Especially if your plant or warehouse operates round the clock, a breakdown can halt all your processes. We provide 24/7 emergency break and repair services to help our customers to restore their plan operations at the earliest.

Our certified and highly experienced technicians will quickly come to your location in fully equipped service vehicles. With personal protection equipment, advanced tools, and spare parts, they make your lifting system functional in no time. Regardless of your crane system has mechanical issues or electrical problems, our technicians have the expertise to repair them comprehensively.

Additionally, we manufacture and supply spare parts and components for various cranes, hoists, and other lifting systems. We also offer jib cranessteel/alloy light craneradio controlpermanent magnets and more.

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Should you need expert insights or technical advice concerning your existing lifting and crane systems, feel free to get in touch. We’re here to assist you every step of the way

Frequently Asked Questions

An overhead crane is a heavy-duty lifting device used in industries to move and transport heavy loads horizontally and vertically. It consists of a bridge-like structure that travels along elevated tracks, allowing a hoist to move items with precision and efficiency. Overhead cranes are vital in manufacturing, construction, and logistics for tasks requiring powerful and controlled lifting.

When selecting an overhead crane manufacturer, factors like experience, expertise, product range, customization options, safety features, and customer reviews play a crucial role. It’s important to choose a manufacturer with a proven track record of delivering reliable and high-quality crane solutions.

Yes, we offer customisation options to tailor crane systems to the specific needs of different industries. This includes adjusting load capacities, spans, lifting heights and incorporating specialized features for unique operational requirements.

At Cranetec, safety is key:

  • Built to Last: Our cranes handle heavy lifting with ease.
  • Certified Quality: ISO and CE certifications guarantee top-notch standards.
  • Smart Safety: Emergency stops and collision prevention for added security.
  • Global Compliance: Meeting worldwide safety standards for your peace of mind.
  • Tested and Trusted: Rigorous testing ensures stability and reliability.
  • Setup and Training: We handle the installation and provide training for safe operation.
  • Ongoing Support: Regular maintenance keeps your crane safe and efficient.