Cranetec is a premium Sydney-based overhead crane manufacturer and installer. We provide our clients with the best overhead crane systems in Sydney to meet the specific requirements of your worksite


Cranetec utilises the latest technology to improve the safety and productivity of your business. We develop and produce equipment & accessories for industrial customers in every major city in Australia, and our overhead crane suppliers offer the most cutting-edge overhead cranes on the market.


Cranetec understands how industrial operational environments operate and our overhead crane manufacturers will work with you to ensure that the exact requirements of your site are met.


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Cranetec’s single girder cranes guarantee the ideal flow of materials, even for production plants or warehouses where space is limited.


Our team of overhead crane suppliers can offer single girder overhead cranes of up to 25 tonnes and 30 metres. These are the most cost-efficient option for an overhead crane. Single girders come standard with the lightest wheel loads along with low headroom hoists equipped with variable frequency drives on both hoists and trolleys. These cranes also come standard with bridge travel limit switches that reduce harmful loading on end stops and unnecessary load swing.

single girder


Cranetec’s double girder overhead cranes are generally utilised in capacities over 10 tonnes and spans approaching or exceeding 20 metres, although double girder overhead cranes can be used at any capacity to span where extremely high lifts are necessary. This is because the hook can be lifted up between the girders.


Double girders are an excellent choice where high speeds and heavy service are required. They are available in a range of configurations and are versatile to be used for additional requirements.


Double Girder

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