Cranetec has become the first choice for sales, repairs and maintenance by some of Australia’s leading companies.
For over 18 years, Cranetec has been instrumental in setting a new standard for quality assured maintenance, scheduling and repairs.
Using systematic, point by point maintenance and servicing procedures, Cranetec can ensure your equipment is always maintained at the optimum service and safety levels with full compliance to the current Australian Standards and Legislation’s.

Custom Crane Manufacturer


Our workshop has its own factory staff and machinery enabling us to perform all aspects of your maintenance in house 24 hours 7 days a week.
We have an extensive range of parts allowing us to provide immediate repairs and maintenance according to your requirements.
With over 20 service personnel’s from Sydney right through to Newcastle, Cranetec is large enough to cater for all your maintenance requirements while still maintaining that personalised service.

Cranetec has extensive experience in ensuring you comply with all safety requirements including the installation and upkeep of log books pertaining to your plant and equipment. Australian Standards AS 2550.1, AS 1418.1 and AS 2759 plays a major role in the legislative requirements of your Overhead Cranes.

Fully Trained Technicians

All our technicians are fully trained within the scope of Australian Standards as well as exercising the knowledge and implementation of occupational health and safety procedures. All our technicians are required to perform a mandatory risk assessment prior to carrying out any duties on your equipment. This ensures that all potential risks are identified and addressed giving you, the customer total piece of mind.

Piece of mindengineer happy at cranetec

Over the last 18 years Cranetec has built a reputation for being reliable, honest and professional. The use of risk assessments and work planning procedures was an industry first and with the lowest rate of incidents and accidents.