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If you are searching for lifting equipment for your worksite that can carry simple loading and unloading operations, then look no further than one of your specialist jib crane manufacturers – Cranetec. We produce and install a large variety of jib cranes Australia wide. Our cranes are popular for their versatility, robust structure and high-performance features.


We produce a wide variety of jib cranes with different load capacities. We can equip them with manual and electrical chain hoists based on your demand and the project requirement. Our expert can install them by mounting them on a wall, floor or on a column to create an ideal material lifting solution for you.


It will help you with the maximum space utilisation of your worksite. Our stable, strong, and highly flexible jib cranes are ideal for facilities that deal with simple loading and unloading operations. They allow lifting goods to or from one machine or workstation for the repetitive process.


It least matters whether you want standard wall-mounted cranes or complex custom-built cranes; you can count us for your complete lifting solution. We work closely to know your expectations and design and manufacture the type of cranes you expect from us. Our focus remains on getting you the best crane that Australia has to offer.

What Our Jib Crane Supplier In Sydney Can Do For You

We discuss with each of our clients, irrespective of the business, to understand their preference and requirements. Based on your specification, we design and produce custom jib cranes that are appropriately engineered to meet your requirements. They can be mounted on factory walls, floor or existing support system and are easily configurable. Some of the distinctive features are:
All our cranes are designed and manufactured to premium quality standards that exceed all expectations in performance, safety, technical excellence, and reliability. Some of the qualities that will justify why you should choose our products are:
Cranes for a changing work environment
Our highly adaptable cranes fit well with any workshops or industries’ working environment. They provide a cost-effective method of handling heavy loads and construction materials. We offer both over-braced and underbraced jibs with different profiles. You can also get the customised version, like higher lifting capacity, full rotation, and much more.

Adjustable to any facility
Our jib machines come with an adjustable console bearing and other features which enable accurate and easy adjustment of horizontal beams, uncontrolled beams, and trolley movement. They consist of several features that optimise usability.
We provide different kinds of jib machines with various range of load capacities and outreaches. You can fix them to a wall, floor, or other existing support. It ensures an optimum hoisting solution for your workstation.

Fast and easy installation
Our weightlifting jib machines are designed in such a way that they enable easy installation and relocation. It reduces your production downtime and the installation cost.

Our Variety Of Jib Crane In Sydney

Our jib machines play a vital role in various lifting tasks and material handling solutions. It reduces the workload of your overhead cranes and decreases the waiting time. Some of the most common and demanded jib machines include:

Floor Mounted Crane

It is the most common type of crane that is self-supporting and possesses a vertical mast mounted over a concrete foundation. It can be operated manually and can rotate up to a 360-degree angle. You can opt for this crane if you want to share the load of your main cranes.

Wall Mounted Fixed Crane

These types of cranes can be horizontally mounted on a wall. The column bracket mounting can relieve the vertical shaft, and its floor mechanism is the same as a floor-mounted crane; only the vertical boom is missing. The features enable a rotation of 200-degree.

Wall Mounted Travelling Crane

The wall-mounted travelling cranes are similar to the fixed type cranes in construction but possess different features. These cranes are commonly used alongside overhead bridge crane and help in the easy movement of small loads.


They support bridge cranes with heavier loads and maximise the workflow. The cranes do not rotate during the operation but travel along the runway track suspended on the facility’s columns.


Apart from jib cranes, we also manufacture & supply portal cranes, permanent magnets, radio control system, and more in Sydney, Melbourne and all other areas of Australia.

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