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Overhead cranes are durable, heavy cranes that are ideal to be used for loading and unloading heavy objects in factories, warehouses, rail yards, etc. At Cranetec, we design and manufacture double girder cranes to enhance your production efficiency and maximise safety.

What is a Double Girder Crane?

A double girder crane features a bridge made using two girder beams supported by end trucks on both sides. The trolley or hoist of these cranes is mounted on a rail that runs along the top of the bridge girders. These cranes usually give you an extra hook height by placing the hoist between or on top of the cross girders. Double girder cranes can either feature a top-running or under-running design. However, only top-running double girder cranes can achieve full overhead room and hook height.


Double girder cranes are ideal for heavy-duty applications that demand higher capacities and longer spans. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are commonly used in iron and steel manufacture, bridge construction, railyards, and shipping ports.

Benefits of Double Girder Cranes

Double girder cranes offer multiple benefits, including:

  • Greater hook height – These cranes offer a hook height than single girder cranes.
  • Ideal for lifting heavy loads – These cranes have no limitations when it comes to maximum span or capacity.

Choosing the Right Double Girder Crane for Your Business

Choosing the right load-lifting system for your Sydney and Melbourne business is essential to improve efficiency and enhance production. When selecting a crane, it is necessary to consider the capacity of a lifting system. If the task involves picking heavy loads continuously, a double girder overhead crane will be your right choice. It would help if you also considered factors like span, the height of the lift, hoisting speed, and travel speeds when making a decision.

If you aren’t sure which type of crane suits your business, it is best to speak to our experts. Our trained technicians can listen to understand your requirements and suggest the most appropriate lifting system.

Choose Our Double Girder Overhead Cranes for Reliable Performance

Cranetec’s double girder cranes engineered to meet and exceed industry standards giving you long last low cost maintenance over the life of the crane. These cranes are purposed designed to suit your needs our cranes are ideal for use in sectors that demand heavy production and high reliability. In addition, our double girder cranes are fully customisable, so we can design and manufacture a product that best suits your business requirements.

Starlluf cranes use well know high quality products in there make up which include SEW eurodrive motor gearboxes for there drive systems, Schneider electrical control systems just to name a few of the high quality components that are standard components used. These components are not only well known for quality but a cost effective to replace which insures that Starlluf cranes are the most cost effective and reliable cranes over the life of the crane bar none.

What Do We offer?

At Cranetec, we understand that the lifting requirements of every industry are different. This is why we offer customised lifting solutions that perform as per your working situation. Moreover, when we design and manufacture cranes and hoists, we pay special attention your requirements to get the best solution to your lifting needs. Product quality is the most important to us, so we do not compromise on it. Therefore, apart from building and supplying double girder overhead cranes in Melbourne we offer and a total turn key solution including all your requirements under the hook including lifting tackle and engineered specialized lifting equipment to suit the your business requirements.

Cranetec also undertakes servicing and maintenance of different lifting systems, which means if your cranes or hoists need repair, you can connect with us for the needful.


Apart from double girder overhead cranes, we also offer single girder overhead cranesoverhead cranes, electric chain hoistelectric wire hoist, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most double girder bridge cranes come with cable-connected control pendants or radio remote controls that allow easy operations from the ground. Moreover, they feature multiple modes that can be switched easily for better control. Depending on the features available, these cranes can be operated in a manual, semi-automated or fully automated mode.
An overhead crane offers multiple advantages, including dual speed or variable frequency control with electrical brakes, high load lifting capacity, standard and fast hoisting speed options, maximum reliability, flexibility for process integration, open-plan winch design, multiple combinations of drum length, rope reeve, and gear ratio.