Remote Control Crane And Hoisting Equipment

Cranetec is a reputed company engaged in developing and manufacturing special application crane radio control systems in Sydney & Melbourne, providing a comprehensive wireless application solution. We offer a range of crane remote control systems for the effortless moving of cranes and material handling equipment from one place to another.


Our superior quality remote controls specially designed for installation in cranes help in the safe operation of machinery and avoid the collision. Moreover, our radio remote controls for cranes are highly in demand among several businesses because of their excellent sensitivity, power efficiency, robust construction, easy and safe operation.


Cranetec efficient team of crane radio controls manufacturer in Sydney & Melbourne also install this system on your hoists or to an existing overhead crane to upgrade the machine from fixed pendant control to a smart radio control system.

We also provide a customised solution to crane radio controls in different size and specifications based on your demands and budget. All our products are available at a reasonable price that will perfectly suit your investment plan.

Crane Radio Control Systems in Melbourne

Crane radio controls in Melbourne are essential in ensuring safe and efficient operation of cranes across industries. These advanced radio control systems enable crane operators to remotely manage lifting, lowering, and movement of heavy loads with precision and accuracy. Boasting an array of features and functionalities, crane radio controls ensure seamless communication between operator and crane for increased productivity and safety on construction sites, manufacturing plants, shipping yards. From handheld transmitters to robust receivers – Melbourne offers various crane radio control solutions tailored to suit different applications and environments.

Crane Remote Control Systems For Wireless Operation

We are instrumental in designing, manufacturing, supplying, and installing crane radio remote controls across Australia. We use the latest technology and the finest quality raw materials from Australia’s reputed supplier to manufacture them under our extensively trained and certified experts’ strict supervision. All our products comply with the set industry standards.


Our quality controllers use variegated parameters to sternly test the radio control system for cranes to ensure its safe and smooth performance. You can configure it to control and operate all kinds of hoisting equipment and cranes, bringing improvement in business productivity and safety.


Our operator-friendly systems are designed in such a way that you can use them appropriately for the task you have in your hand. These products ensure our engineering excellence and form the backbone of your robust business operations. Contact us to learn more about our extensive ranges of crane radio remotes.

Wireless Application You Can Rely

Our expertly designed radio remote control can provide an ideal option for both the most straightforward single function radio control and the most complicated remote control systems. We use different ranges of transmitters to tackle all mobile wireless radio control applications efficiently.

Our highly technical, user-friendly, robust remote control crane for various hoisting equipment helps in a multitude of industrial applications. This type of wireless control system ensures fast and safe operations.

Whether you have a crane with a weightlifting capacity of 1 tonne or 100 tonnes, your crane’s size is not a matter of concern for us. We provide a solution to any kind of wireless application irrespective of your material handling equipment’s shape and size.

You can explore our wide selection of crane remote controls and purchase the one that best suits your purpose. We can also help you with the customised solution. Our systems are simple to operate and can make your life much easier, safer, and smoother.

Why Choose Our Radio/Remote Control Product

Cranetec supply and install crane radio controls in Sydney & Melbourne as a safe and convenient alternative to other control systems. We service all industrial remote control to suit your specific needs. Quality, reliability, safety, and efficiency make us the right choice for many businesses.

Our crane radio control systems are easy to install and safe to use. They allow the operation of machinery from a safe distance, which is essential while handling hoisting equipment. With our system, your crane operator will have the flexibility of moving around for better visibility of loads and surroundings.

It allows the crane operator to move around the workers, machines, and other obstacles. All our systems are certified and comply with Australian standard. Our wireless system helps in overcoming the excessive distance between your operator and the machine. It helps in operating the hoisting equipment smartly and expertly, even in remote areas.

We know the importance of wireless systems that allow your crane operator to control the moving crane while maintaining a safe distance. It ensures that your employees can work safely and with complete peace of mind in any area to control the moving machine.

Apart from radio control system, we also offer permanent magnets, electric chain hoist, electric wire rope hoist, single overhead and more.

Contact Us To Discuss

Call us today on 1800 703 470 to learn how the crane remote control system can increase your workstation’s safety and productivity. You can also use our contact form to reach us online and buy the product in bulk for its quality and performance. If you don’t know which product will best suit you, our expert will guide you with the best safety wireless crane control that you desire.