To overcome excessive distances between operator and crane, or to use hoisting equipment in remote areas, Cranetec can supply and install crane radio control systems that offer a convenient and safe alternative to other control types. We offer a wide range of systems to suit your every need.

Cranetec’s team of crane radio controls manufacturers in Sydney can install a crane radio control system to lifting machines or adapt it to an existing overhead crane. These systems are a great way to upgrade cranes from fixed pendant control to smart radio control.

We will help you improve the productivity, speed, and control of your machinery by installing a wireless crane radio control system to it.

Wireless Operation That Increases Safety

Our crane radio remote control systems give the crane operator a better view of their surroundings and allow them to easily move around the machine, obstacles, and other workers.

Crane operators can use wireless controls to control the crane from a safe distance, ensuring that they are safe and can work in an area that is suitable for controlling moving machinery that is nowhere near any swinging or dropped loads.

Cranetec understands that it is important to use wireless systems that function correctly. Our team will supply you with the best crane radio controls available in Australia.


Radio Control Systems


No Matter what size, we have an application for you!

1 tonne to 100 tonnes, it really doesn’t matter what the size of the crane is. Our crane radio controls can be purchased at any time. They are simple to use and can make the operator’s life much easier.

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