Cranetec is the leading electric chain hoist supplier in Sydney. They can design electric chain hoists that can be used for many different applications for businesses across Australia.


Our experienced team of electric chain hoist manufacturers based in Sydney understand how this equipment will be used in various types of worksites. We have designed products and systems that maximise performance, strength, reliability, and safety for worksites across Australia.



The high tensile aluminium alloy cover is light in construction, offers strong corrosion resistance, which is suitable for high classification end usage.


The unique friction overload clutch protects the unit from overloading.


The hoist is fitted with a high quality tensile chain, high quality electric components with safety protection and also complies with the international standards.


  1. Asbestos Free Tapered Rotor Brake
  2. High efficient Fan cooled motor.
  3. For quiet operation & long working life the durable alloy steel helical gears are submersed in oil.
  4. Emergency limit switch devices, switches of power automatically
  5. High tensile alloy steel forged hook, rotates 360 degrees.
  6. High Strength presses aluminium alloy body. ( light and compact)
  7. Dust prevention, water resistant body
  8. Over load protection equipment, with a friction clutch immersed in oil which protect against overloading.


The benefits of replacing an old chain hoist with a new SHH chain hoist is the cost advantage. Why repair an old chain hoist that is old when a new chain hoist may cost close to a repair of an old chain hoist?


Our electric chain hoists are great for lifting and suspending loads. They are versatile, easy to use, can speed up work cycles, improve safety, and long-lasting, making it ideal for any demanding workstation.


Cranetec SHH series electric chain hoists that come with the newest square shape comply with international demand.


We offer other highest quality products too like Jib crane, overhead crane and more. To know more about product & accessories browse our website or give us a call.


Capacities and Load Carrying abilities

Capacity (Kg) Type Classification Power (Kw) Lifting speed (m.min) Load Chain Load Chain Fall Number N.W ( Kg)
125 SH H1-0.125 M5 0.4 15 ? 4×12 1 26
250 SH H1-0.25 M5 0.4 8 ? 4×12 1 26
250 SH H2-0.25 M5 0.9(0.22) 14/3.5 ? 6.3×19 1 36
500 SH H2-0.5 M5 0.9(0.22) 7.6/1.9 ? 6.3×19 1 37
1000 SH H2-1.0 M4 1.1 5 ? 8×24 1 40
2000 SH H2-2.0 M4 1.1 2.5 ? 8×24 2 50
2500 SH H3-2.5 M5 3 5.2 ? 11.2×34 1 100
3000 SH H3-3.0 M5 3 5 ? 11.2×34 1 105
5000 SH H3-5.0 M4 3 2.6 ? 11.2×34 2 120
10000 2×SH H3-5.0 M4 2×3 2.6 ? 11.2×34 2×2 280







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