Electric Chain Hoists Australia

Cranetec manufactures and supplies high-performing electric hoist Australia wide. As a leading electric chain hoist manufacturer in Sydney, we produce the best quality lifting solutions catering to your different industrial needs.


We have nearly two decades of service experience in this industry. It gives our chain hoist suppliers the expertise and credentials to be the trusted choice for the country’s businesses and industries for customised lifting solutions.


today to get expert guidance and assistance to choose the right electric hoist in Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia. 

Broad Range of Electric Chain Hoist Sydney

Our range of electric chain hoist in Sydney is known to fit many lifting environments and applications, from retail shops to industrial metal plants. Our hoists are flexible to the needs of larger work areas and allow you to change the load’s position while depositing.

Our wire rope hoists have a lifting capacity ranging from 125 kg to 10,000 kg. It makes them ideal for most small and medium lifting requirements. They are also available at different lifting speed, 1.9 meters to 15 meters per minute, with controllers to adjust the pace. You can go through the below sheet to learn about our full range of chain hoists and operational aspects:

Capacity (Kg) Type Classification Power (Kw) Lifting speed (m.min) Load Chain Load Chain Fall Number N.W ( Kg)
125 SH H1-0.125 M5 0.4 15 ? 4×12 1 26
250 SH H1-0.25 M5 0.4 8 ? 4×12 1 26
250 SH H2-0.25 M5 0.9(0.22) 14/3.5 ? 6.3×19 1 36
500 SH H2-0.5 M5 0.9(0.22) 7.6/1.9 ? 6.3×19 1 37
1000 SH H2-1.0 M4 1.1 5 ? 8×24 1 40
2000 SH H2-2.0 M4 1.1 2.5 ? 8×24 2 50
2500 SH H3-2.5 M5 3 5.2 ? 11.2×34 1 100
3000 SH H3-3.0 M5 3 5 ? 11.2×34 1 105
5000 SH H3-5.0 M4 3 2.6 ? 11.2×34 2 120
10000 2×SH H3-5.0 M4 2×3 2.6 ? 11.2×34 2×2 280

Contact our wire rope suppliers in Sydney and Melbourne for more information or queries on specific models. We are available to assist you and provide expert guidance. Additionally, if you need a lifting solution beyond the mentioned range, feel free to reach out to our technicians.

Our Chain Hoist Suppliers Provides Engineered Lifting Solutions

Cranetec has high-quality construction standards to ensure the optimal performance for our range of electric chain hoists. The high-quality aluminium alloy cover gives excellent tensile strength to make the lifting solution highly durable. The aluminium construction also avoids corrosion issues to provide lasting results.


The hoists also feature a high tensile chain with alloy steel forged hook to give stable lifting performance during the operations. Additionally, our systems feature high-quality electric components with advanced safety protection to make the operation smooth and risk-free. All these lifting solutions are manufactured in Australia, strictly adhering to Australian standards.

The electric chain hoists also feature friction overload clutches to avoid the issues of overloading of the unit. Contact our chain suppliers to discuss about your requirement in detail.

Cranetec: Your Expert Electric Chain Hoist Manufacturer Sydney

Cranetec is the premier manufacturer of expert electric chain hoists in Sydney. We offer quality solutions for material handling needs in various industrial applications. We focus on quality craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to provide customised hoisting solutions. You can trust us for unmatched expertise in electric chain hoist manufacturing in Sydney.


The tapered rotor brakes are asbestos-free to create a healthy environment in your space while not compromising the performance of the electric chain hoists. The system also features emergency limit switch devices to avoid any incidents with a power shutdown.


The controller of these electric chain hoists makes the operations of the lifting system seamless. Our range of chain hoists helps you make your commercial or plant operations efficient and hassle-free.

Lifting Solutions: Sydney & Melbourne, Australia

One of the biggest aspects of our range of chain hoists is the versatility in a factory or commercial setting. You can easily incorporate them in your production assembly line, warehouse operations, commercial lifting needs, and more. You can increase or decrease the height of the hoists by adjusting the length of the chain.


The compact design of the hoists ensure that they even fit on floors with limited space.

Electric Chain Hoist Supplier Sydney: Installation and Maintenance Service

As a trusted electric chain hoist supplier in Sydney & Melbourne, we offer our customers a complete service. Our technicians will listen to your needs, learn about your process, and choose the right chain hoist solution after identifying your future requirements.

24-Hour Breakdown and Repair Service

Odds are you might face an emergency, not only with your chain hoists but other lifting systems as well. We provide 24/7 breakdown and repair services for jib craneoverhead crane, chain hoists, rope hoists, and other lifting solutions. As a trusted electric chain hoist supplier in Sydney, Melbourne and other cities of Australia, we give priority to the seamless plant operations of our customers.


Our team of hoist technicians are fully equipped to give you complete service. They come in our service vehicles with personal protection equipment and spare parts to make your lifting system fully functional with quick service. Regardless of your lifting system has a mechanical or electrical problem, we can give you highly qualified service.


We also have an excellent range of spare parts and components for various brands. You can contact us to get them delivered to your address hassle-free.

Optimise Your Process with Advanced Chain Hoists

Call us on 1800 703 470 or use our contact form to discuss your lifting needs with our technicians. We can identify what can best work for you, guide you to choose the right electric chain hoist, and help you with purchasing and installation. You can connect with us if you need information and expert advice on your existing lifting systems.