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Welcome to Cranetec – the trusted choice for lifting solutions in Australia.

We became one of the preferred choices of production plants, warehouses, and other commercial environments for their lifting needs with nearly two decades of consistent quality service. Our focus is to ensure that the systems of our customers continuously operate for their business success.


We supply an excellent range of regulation-compliant and premium crane accessories and spare parts for our customers.

Cranetec Overload Protective Device

As the name suggests, the device can safeguard your lifting system from overload issues. Every lifting system has a maximum capacity to ensure the safe moving of goods efficiently. There are situations where the load may go beyond the capacity, leading to load damage and safety issues.

Cranetec overload protective device is a smart choice for you to address all the overload concerns for your hoists. The device comes with an in-built load display system and warns the operator about the load beyond capacity. The protective device can safeguard all Starlluf and third-party hoists from overload issues.

Cranetec Geared Limit Switches

We offer limit switches that are designed to deliver high cut out accuracy. Our range of limit switches can easily fit roller doors, hoists, distribution carriages, lifting platforms, rail-mounted travel units, and telescoping mechanisms. Additionally, these geared limit switches do not require any maintenance.

The users can easily change and set the individual switching points to all directions of movement using a screwdriver. Once set, the switches show a maximum deviation of ±2° from the switching points. Importantly, this is over the switch’s complete life, regardless of whether you make the whole range adjustments.

Star Limit Switches

These switches are an excellent option for you to slow down or stop the cranes at the end of the crane track. Importantly, the switches should be used in combination with contractor-type control systems. Additionally, they drive with self-actuating brakes.

You can operate the system with a striker arm installed on the crane track.

Anti-Collision Devices

We manufacture and supply advanced anti-collision devices that combine the best use of photoelectric sensor distance measurement technology to avoid any collision of your systems. The sensing technology is known for accurate object detection and distance measurement capabilities.

The device records the measurements and evaluates them instantly to safeguard your equipment from a collision. If two hoists or any other lifting systems come across or approach each other, the device automatically switches the lifting systems to a lower speed. You can also incorporate a shutdown function to manage critical situations.

We also supply a range of collision prevention devices that are designed to ensure a minimum spacing between various systems.

Hook Blocks

You can also choose a wide range of hook blocks for your cranes and other lifting systems. We have a wide variety of hook blocks with a weighing range from 1 tonne to 80 tonnes in various configurations, ranging from 2 to 10 falls.

Crane Spare Parts

We are also a trusted crane spare parts supplier with engineered solutions. No matter you have malfunctioning crane parts or a component with excess wear and tear, you can get precision manufactured crane spare parts from us.


Our range of spare parts is designed individually, using high-quality metal and metal alloys to give a seamless and lasting performance to our customers’ lifting systems.


Never take a chance when it comes to your crane and lifting systems. Our expertise can guarantee you better control over your operations.

Apart from this, we also manufacture & supply single girder overhead cranes, permanent magnets, radio control system, electric wire rope hoist and more in Sydney, Melbourne & other areas of Australia.


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