Permanent Magnets For High-Performance Applications

Cranetec is the leading supplier of permanent magnets for efficient load handling and many other high-performance applications. With over 20 years of technical magnet expertise, we specialise in providing versatile magnets catering to the needs of various industrial applications, including productions, assembly areas and many other outdoor operations.

With safety as our foremost priority, we believe in delivering outstanding value, excellent reliability, and huge productivity. We are known for our engineering excellence. Being well-qualified in all aspects of technical engineering, we provide magnetic solutions that can optimise the functionality, cost, and reliability of your workplace.

How Can We Help You With Your Permanent Magnet Project

Permanent magnets are the alloys of ferromagnetic materials, including iron, nickel, cobalt, several rare-earth metals, and minerals, like a lodestone. They produce a persistent magnetic field without any external source of electrical power or magnetism, unlike electromagnets.

We stock and supply magnetic materials for accelerating your production times. You can also get specialty material that you are looking for upon request. You will have to get in touch with our experts to discuss your project’s requirement in detail. Our experienced and skilled team of engineers will help you in determining the solution in a cost-effective way.

Our magnets come in a broad range of configurations and shapes with some special features that suit your performance requirements and applications in the following manner:
We are a certified and registered supplier, supported by a team of industry-trained design and application engineers and other professionals. We have set standards that meet today’s critical challenges.

Why Choose Our Product

Cranetec’s magnets act as load handling equipment for several workplaces, such as in production and assembly units and outdoor areas. You can use our 1-tonne magnets for handling both round and flat material in your workstation. Some of the benefits that make our product a popular choice of many includes:

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