Wire Rope Hoists In Australia

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We are one of the trusted brands for industrial lifting solutions in Australia, with superior-quality, tailored solutions for various industries. Our range of wire rope hoists and electric wire rope hoists gives you the option to choose the best fitting lifting solution for your needs.



Our hoists are designed to address various operational challenges of industries in the smartest way possible. Importantly, all these lifting solutions have a compact and sturdy design to fit in any industrial or commercial environment while giving superior performance.



The hoists have simplified, hassle-free operations, allowing them quickly fit into your environment.

Electric Wire Rope Hoists in Sydney & Melbourne

We are the leading suppliers of Starlluf electric hoists. The complete range of Starlluf hoists gives an option to every industry and every industrial lifting application. Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards, the hoists deliver superior performance and accurate lifting results with consistency. The hoists feature engineered and tested brakes, efficient gearboxes, and advanced electrical and electronics systems to guarantee you safety and reliability.



We supply electric hoists with load capacity ranging from 1000kg to 80,000kg. Our range also includes a number of mini electric hoists with single and double-line hoisting. Additionally, the Starlluf hoists feature advanced technologies such as electronic control systems and anti-hook sways. These technology options allow you to accelerate or decelerate the operations of hoists based on your specific requirements.



Contact our experts today to communicate your load requirements and lifting application needs. We can help you with information and guide you choose the right electric wire rope hoist from our range.

Get Electric Wire Rope Hoist from a Premier Supplier in Australia

You can choose an excellent range of wire rope hoists that are primarily designed to lift heavy loads in various industrial spaces. Our team of experts – licensed and accredited – will come to your industrial or commercial space and install the hoists by ensuring the systems meet all the industrial safety and operational standards.



Cranetec offers rope hoists with different lifting speeds and the number of lifts per hour to accurately meet the requirements of various industries. All our hoists can deliver more than 30 lifts per hour, but you can get the numbers optimised for your operations. The hoists feature safety handles and control to give a smooth performance without causing any damage to your load.



You may have specific needs regarding efficiency, safety, lifting capacity, number of lifts, design of the hoists, and more. Our experts can help you with a perfect purchase based on your requirements.

Superior Quality Construction

Regardless of you want electric hoists or mechanical hoists, we offer only engineered lifting solutions with superior quality construction. We use tested alloy steel for strength and endurance to manufacture the hoists to give consistent performance. Importantly, all our products are manufactured in Australia by fully complying with Australian standards to give you excellent results.

Our quality of construction ensures the seamless lifting of products in the maximum allowed load capacity. Most importantly, this is irrespective of the type of objects you want to lift. We know the complex needs of various industries when it comes to lifting, and we design lifting solutions to give a robust performance.

All these hoists are easy to mount, and our experts will provide complete installation and maintenance in Sydney, Melbourne & other areas of Australia.

Better Control Of Lifting Operations

Our range of hoists come with inbuilt safety handles and controllers to make the operations hassle-free while safety is paramount. The hoists also feature variable speed control trigger and built-in LED load indicator to lift and move your goods according to your pace.

The mounting clamps with a locking mechanism ensure additional protection for products while moving them using the lifting system. Most of our hoists have a lightweight design that makes them easily fit in storage areas, factories, workshops, and commercial areas with space constraints.

Versatile To Your Needs

When choosing wire rope hoists, you may have complex requirements. You may also want to consider your future needs and take it as a one-time investment. As the most trusted wire rope supplier in Sydney & Melbourne, we offer hoists that allow you to move your objects vertically as well as laterally. Especially when it comes to electric hoists, we have solutions with monorail beams with massive-load bearing abilities.

Based on your industry type and the materials you want to lift, you might want strong ropes and advanced safety and control measures. You can talk to our hoist experts today to discuss your operational needs to get customised solutions. Our technicians can quickly identify the fitting solutions and help you get a complete service. We also offer jib craneselectric chain hoistwire rope inspectionoverhead cranes and more. To know more in detail, talk to our expert.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

With a simple design, the range of hoists gives you the advantage of hassle-free and minimal maintenance. It is a great deal if you have round the clock operations, and you can’t think of lengthy process shutdowns. You can quickly change the parts of these hoists without any complexities if there is a requirement.

All these make regular checking easy and inexpensive. Additionally, our team of technicians are available 24/7 to give you quick maintenance and repair service based on your needs. All our technicians are certified and highly experienced to give quick and expert services. We are fully flexible with your hours, and you can also schedule our regular maintenance program to make your operations seamless.

We also supply parts and components for our range of hoists to support our customers.

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