Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Cranetec offers a complete range of Starlluf electric wire rope hoists.

Size, Competency, efficiency.

Starlluf electric wire rope hoists are manufactured to ISO 9001 standard by using  most advanced technology available and continue to bear witness to their reliability, safety and durability year after year, from motor to rope, gearbox, brakes and electrical and electronic systems.

Apart from quality, versatility is an outstanding feature of the Starlluf electric wire rope hoists. These units cover an extremely wide load capacity range, from 1000kg to 80,000kg.

Starlluf has developed industry leading technology including anti hook sway and electronic control systems that allow load to accelerate and decelerate with ultra smooth properties.

Wire Rope Hoists

Designed to lift heavy loads without the risk of dropping them our wire rope hoists are well suited for a wide variety of industrial and practical purposes. Installed by our accredited and licensed team in accordance to industry safety standards and regulations our wire rope hoists will increase your output and workplace’s capabilities. To find out more about our wire rope hoist installation and maintenance services call us today on 1800 703 470.

Electric Wire Rope Hoists