New Starlluf Cranes

Overhead cranes, they have a few names but really it’s an overhead crane, usually this type of crane has a beam that runs on 2 parallel runways, inside a factory, equipped with a lifting hoist. They are designed to meet medium to heavy industrial lifting requirements, covering all manufacturing, assembling and delivery processes,
We supply German engineered Starlluf cranes for your workspace, Crane technology has been around for 100 years, so as a proven technology, we also only use German Designed motors/gearboxes for all our cranes, it means  proven reliability.

Overhead Crane Beams

Our in-house factory built crane beams can provide a start to the lifting business, firstly we measure your building and requirements and carefully plan out any future changes to your process that may develop dues to the changes, and we turn workshops or manufacturing plants into production lines.

The overhead crane beams are essential in set up and will need to be lined up perfectly to maximise overhead crane lifecycle, this means value in your purchase.

Overhead Crane Lifts

Starlluf wire rope hoists and SHH Chain hoists are manufactured to ISO 9001 Standard and proven track record of round the clock operations, which enables us to offer 18 months warranty on our cranes.

Starlluf offers solutions for full lifting needs from high capacity service cranes to heavy duty process cranes including modular cranes and tailor made lifting solutions at very competitive price.

We pride ourselves in being a big player in the new crane industry. With our extensive range of cranes, we are sure we have the right combination for your workplace.

Our Range of Cranes types are;

  • Over head Cranes.
  • Portal Cranes.
  • Jib Cranes.
  • Light crane system and monorails

Ask our Team of experts how we can build and manufacture a crane to your workspace today.

Once we have completed the new crane installation, we provide comprehensive servicing and maintenance on all of our supplied cranes.
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